Easy Energy Systems, Inc. (EES) provides innovative solutions to solve world scale problems through its collection of advanced modular technologies.  The modular system we developed to make hand sanitizer also includes an innovative technological process to remove approximately 50% of the “Tequila Smell” found in most of our competitor’s products.

The EES Patented Modular Technology has even received the “Fire Starters Award”, selected by 4,000 scientist as one of the “Top 12 World Changing Technologies on the Planet!”

Similar to a child’s Legos™, different fully automatic self-contained modules can be combined and optimized as needed to deliver World Saving Solutions.  Today, it is making hand sanitizer for the pandemic - tomorrow - it is providing low cost renewable energy to help save the planet!

Hence our slogan “Helping Save The World!”

After ordering your hand sanitizer - check out our videos!