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Modular Solutions to Solve Climate Change


Easy Energy Newsroom

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Fuel Plant Next Door

August 18, 2018

A Midwest company looks to make it easier for farmers to add value to crops.

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On the Verge of Transforming the Energy Industry

August 14, 2018

Emmetsburg's Easy Energy Systems' demonstration plant stands on the brink of revolutionizing the energy industry and transforming the lives of farmers, third-world residents and, potentially, fire prevention practices.

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Exploring Advances in Sustainable Energy Solutions on Innovations TV Series

July 12, 2018

Innovations w/Ed Begley Jr. will explore recent advancements in sustainable energy in an upcoming episode, airing 3rd QTR 2018 on FOX Business. Check your local listings for more information.


Small-scale Biofuels

Easy Energy Is Ready to Demonstrate Its Technology
June 24, 2017

Mark Gaalswyk has a dream: “Fuel the World.” That’s the motto of one of Gaalswyk’s companies, Easy Energy Systems, Inc., which designs, manufactures, operates, and sells its patented Modular Energy Production System (MEPS) for the production of alternative liquid biofuels from organic waste streams . . .


Farmers looking at on-farm ethanol plants

January 30, 2017

ST. LOUIS — A handful of farmers are not just raising the crops that can be used as biofuels. They’re also working on producing the fuel itself.

A Minnesota-based company is in the developmental stage of offering small-scale production of ethanol and other end-products right on the farm. Mark Gaalswyk of Easy Energy Systems describes the process by using a popular toy as an analogy.

“It’s a Lego concept,” Gaalswyk told farmers at the Family Farms Group annual winter conference here. “There are different parts of the process. If one part becomes obsolete, you can replace it with another part.” . . .


Iowa State to manage biorefinery projects for new Manufacturing USA Institute

December 20, 2016

AMES, Iowa – Iowa State University will bring its expertise in biorenewable technologies and pilot plant operations to the country’s 10th Manufacturing USA Institute.

The recently announced advanced manufacturing institute is dedicated to improving the productivity and efficiency of chemical manufacturing. Those improvements could include combining processes such as mixing, reacting and separating into single steps.

Such process intensification could boost manufacturing productivity while cutting costs and reducing waste. That could save the chemical industry more than $9 billion annually, according to the U.S. Department of Energy’s announcement of the institute. . .


Modularized Pyrolysis Biorefinery

May 11, 2015

Iowa State University, Easy Energy Systems (EES), and Stine Seeds are collaborating to demonstrate a transformative approach to processing lignocellulosic feedstocks into chemicals, fuel, power, and products. The team is pioneering a moldularized pyrolysis system as one unit operation of a Modular Energy Production System (MEPSTM). The unit operations of MEPS are designed as individual modules that are mass produced and transported as standard shipping container-sized units that can be quickly integrated in the field as a fully automated, operational biorefinery.

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Our goal, fuel the world.

Modular Energy Production Systems

Our mission is to innovate and produce new solutions that will reduce dependency on fossil fuels, reduce pollution and improve the lives of people throughout the world.


Our Company

At Easy Energy Systems (EES) we are passionate about providing dynamic solutions to our world's energy problems. With this common purpose we are building an ecosystem of the best people, partners and customers to bring forth innovative technologies that will produce high-quality and efficient biofuels, valuable biochemicals, adhesives, fertilizers, animal feed and more.

EES designs, manufacturers, operates and sells our patented 1M, 2M, and 5M gallon per year, small-scale, modular biorefineries called Modular Energy Production Systems (MEPS®) for the production of alternative liquid biofuels from organic waste streams. MEPS® biofuels can be mixed with, or can selectively replace, gasoline derived from fossil fuels. Our systems are centrally manufactured and can be shipped anywhere in the world, thus we are able to bring new energy sources to locations that would otherwise not have access to it.

EES has manufacturing, R&D and testing facilities in Welcome, Minnesota and Emmetsburg, Iowa with executive offices located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our Emmetsburg location houses our operational testing MEPS® system where we have proven that our process can economically convert various biowastes to ethanol at the same cost per gallon as the large biorefineries and at a CAPEX per gallon that is even lower than those large biorefineries can demonstrate. Moreover, this facility is also used to integrate and test other technologies and feedstocks which have been instrumental to our success.

Our mission is to innovate and bring to the market new solutions and technology that will reduce the dependency on fossil fuels, reduce pollution and improve the lives of people throughout the world. We intend to become the worldwide leader in "Distributed Small Scale Biowaste to Energy Systems", with our corporate motto, Fuel the World®.

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