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One of the main ideas behind the Modular energy production system is the modular design.  Each module represents a technology for a portion of a bio-refinery. If you think of how different colored legos are put together to build things, our system is similar.  We can build the system for virtually any feedstock or process by putting together the appropriate legos or technology modules.



Our Company

At Easy Energy Systems (EES) we are passionate about providing dynamic solutions to our world's energy problems. With this common purpose we are building an ecosystem of the best people, partners and customers to bring forth innovative technologies that will produce high-quality and efficient biofuels, valuable biochemicals, adhesives, fertilizers, animal feed and more.

EES designs, manufacturers, operates and sells our patented 1M, 2M, and 5M gallon per year, small-scale, modular biorefineries called Modular Energy Production Systems (MEPS®) for the production of alternative liquid biofuels from organic waste streams. MEPS® biofuels can be mixed with, or can selectively replace, gasoline derived from fossil fuels. Our systems are centrally manufactured and can be shipped anywhere in the world, thus we are able to bring new energy sources to locations that would otherwise not have access to it.

EES has manufacturing, R&D and testing facilities in Welcome, Minnesota and Emmetsburg, Iowa with executive offices located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our Emmetsburg location houses our operational testing MEPS® system where we have proven that our process can economically convert various biowastes to ethanol at the same cost per gallon as the large biorefineries and at a CAPEX per gallon that is even lower than those large biorefineries can demonstrate. Moreover, this facility is also used to integrate and test other technologies and feedstocks which have been instrumental to our success.

Our mission is to innovate and bring to the market new solutions and technology that will reduce the dependency on fossil fuels, reduce pollution and improve the lives of people throughout the world. We intend to become the worldwide leader in "Distributed Small Scale Biowaste to Energy Systems", with our corporate motto, Fuel the World®.


Mark Gaalswyk

Founder and Chairman

Mark is the Founder and Chairman of EES. Mark also is the Founder and President of Easy Automation Inc. (EAI), which is a company he successfully started and grew into the leader in the feed automation industry. EAI received the “Inc. 500” award as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the nation and also received a U.S. State Legislators award for being a top “Small Business of the Year” in 1999. In 1998, Mark was named, “Technology Leader of the Year” in Minnesota.
Several of Mark’s inventions have received patents and have earned U.S. Agricultural Engineering Awards. Mark’s experience with the manufacture of automated feed systems and the relationships that he has established with the customers of EAI around the country will prove extremely valuable to EES.


Mike Lund

Vice President of Operations

Mike brings a wealth of experience in leading teams that have worked across multiple industries and markets. He is an experienced and successful entrepreneurial leader with a strong background in business strategy and business development.  Mike has developed and led management teams in agriculture, transportation and manufacturing and has a very successful history of entering new markets and growing companies using a customer focused growth strategy.

Jeff's Picture.jpg

Jeff Johnson

Vice President of Business Development

Jeff Johnson joined Easy Energy Systems, Inc. in September of 2017 to lead the sales, marketing and business development efforts.  Previously, Jeff worked for Windings Inc. where he served as the Vice President of Operations for the custom motor and motor components manufacturing services company. Prior to that he was employed by 3M Company, Infrastructure Protection and Corrosion Protection Products Divisions as a Portfolio General Manager of 3M’s global pipeline corrosion protection coatings business.  Mr. Johnson has extensive international business development experience in the oil and gas industry working in that industry for over 25 years and in over 50 different countries.


Lyle Larsen

Project Manager

Lyle is an experienced leader with extensive experience in all aspects of ethanol plant operations including all associated processes and equipment.  Lyle’s years of experience in plant construction and renovation make him an ideal fit to oversee Easy Energy Systems project management.  He brings a proven ability to train, guide and supervise for maximum productivity and minimal downtime while maintaining a safety-first culture.

Our World Vision

What we found is that the developing world really needs this product line.  Right now in India there are 100,000 villages right now without electricity. We envision building these modules full self contained and shipping them out to these remote villages. They can turn their waste, crops and feed stocks into fuel. We can connect on a generator module to make electricity.  This will instantly change the way of life for these people.

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