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Key Areas of Impact

• 82% of people in Africa live in areas with ongoing conflict.

• Somalia has been in the midst of a civil war for the last 14 years

• Extremist groups, such as Al Qaeda-aligned terrorist group Al-Shabaab, often ambush incoming aid and steal food/farming tools to try and feed their own members

• Donated products or products purchased with aid can be stolen or dispersed in an inequitable manner

• 13 Million people face hunger everyday in the Horn of Africa.

• More than 90% of Somalia is under extreme drought

• Somalia has recently recorded an approximate $300,000,000 in lost funds due to the death of livestock

• With a lack of water, the country’s soil is becoming less and less fertile, plants are becoming more susceptible to disease, and these already fragile societies may collapse. All of this as migration is becoming increasingly dangerous

What is the answer?
Introducing Terreplenish - An answer for a world in need of better solutions!

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Phase 1 of our Feed The Famished project aims to equip Somalian farmers with Terreplenish at no cost to them or their local governments.


In order to pilot this project we have already sent one pallet containing 50 5-liter bottles of Terreplenish which was distributed to 50 households in order to increase their agricultural output and support their families both nutritionally and financially.


It has now been 4 months since the initial pilot shipment and we are beginning to hear great things from the people of Somalia!


“Terreplenish is the miracle of the 21st century”


“In all of our years of accepting help we’ve never seen anything work so quickly”


“it’s created such fertile land that people now have the option to live an honest life farming”

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