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EES has executive offices, manufacturing and automation facilities in Welcome, Minnesota;
additional module manufacturing, testing and prototyping in Truman, MN; and finally our
Emmetsburg, Iowa location houses our full scale demonstration MEPS® system where potential
customers can come and tour and observe a complete system of modules in operation. It is
also used to verify and validate the economics of converting various grains, stovers and bio-
wastes into bio fuels and bio chemicals. This continuous performance and economical
operational data can then by utilized by our customers, and their bankers or investors to validate
various business models on different feedstocks before they themselves purchase and install
their own MEPS system. Finally, we can lease the facility to corporate partners who desire to
integrate and test their own new technologies and feedstocks with the rest of our complete

Facility Tour

Crop Waste & Forest Deadwood -> Biofuels --- Clean and Green

Food, Vegetable, & Crop Waste -> Fertilizer Via Regenerative Agriculture

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